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Can You Wear Blue Light Glasses for Fashion?

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A woman wearing glasses with blue light protection coating

These days, we are surrounded by screens on an almost daily basis or more. If you don’t spend 8 hours a day in front of a screen for your job, you probably use one to relax, play games, or browse social media, potentially causing digital eye strain.

Increased blue light exposure from our devices, especially in the evenings can mess with our sleep schedule. Luckily, blue light glasses help filter out some of this blue light and glare in the evenings so we can still have a restful sleep. 

You originally purchased your blue light glasses with your sleep schedule in mind, but maybe you’ve noticed they’re also very flattering on your face. Is it okay to wear them out during the day?

What is Blue Light?

Like other visible light colors, blue light is all around you. The sun’s light, incandescent, and fluorescent light bulbs all emit varying levels of blue light. Because of the widespread use of devices that rely on LED technology, people are now more exposed to blue light than ever.

Flat-screen televisions, mobile phones, tablets, and computer and laptop screens all use LED technologies that emit a lot of blue light.

What Does Blue Light Do to Your Eyes?

Your eye has structures that protect it from certain types of light. Your cornea and lens, for example, shield the light-sensitive retina at the back of your eye from harmful UV rays.

Blue light is not blocked by those structures. And you’re exposed to a lot of it. Excessive blue light exposure from screens in the evening can disrupt our bodies natural sleep cycle, known as the circadian rhythm. Light inhibits the production of melatonin, our body’s sleep hormone.

Researchers note that because LED technology is still in its infancy, there aren’t any extensive studies to assess the potential long-term effects of blue light on your eyes.

What Do Blue Light Glasses Do?

Blue light glasses are treated to block the transmission of a range of wavelengths emitted by devices by filtering out blue light. Many times, these glasses are also treated to reduce glare, which helps to reduce eye strain.

Finally, blue light glasses can help you feel more refreshed after spending all day staring at a screen, but if you have blurry vision or dry eyes, you should also change how you use your devices to effectively reduce eye strain.

A man wearing glasses with blue light protection while he uses his computer

Blue Light Glasses & Fashion

We couldn’t get away from screens even if we tried, given our modern lifestyle and the increase in online meetings while working from home. As a result, it’s no surprise that blue light glasses are becoming increasingly popular, and are available in a variety of fashionable styles. You might even have your own pair.

Blue light glasses can be purchased with or without a prescription, and the coating can be applied to glasses worn for everyday vision correction, including reading glasses.

Simply put, if you like the look of your blue light glasses, there is no reason you can’t wear them for fashion. Your eyes won’t be harmed by wearing blue-blocking glasses continuously, whether they are over-the-counter versions or your regular glasses that have a special blue filter applied.

Options for More Stylish Glasses

People who have vision problems will be happy to learn that there are now a ton of stylish eyeglasses to choose from. People who have 20/20 vision may even be wondering if it’s acceptable to wear glasses for aesthetic reasons.

If you don’t need glasses to see, it may feel strange to wear them for fashion (but it isn’t, promise). Glasses can help you define your distinct personality and style. For example:

  • Thin round frames will let you live out your hipster chic dreams
  • Uniquely shaped frames like octagons or hearts make you stand out in a crowd.
  • Oversized frames can draw attention to your eyes and make your pupils appear larger, giving you more charm and connection with whoever you’re speaking with. 
  • Selecting a frame in a complementary color can also make the color of your pupils stand out.
  • Geometric frames can help add angles to round faces

There is no need to distinguish whether you wear glasses for necessity or fashion as long as they make you feel good about yourself.

Try Some New Glasses Today

Glasses are traditionally worn to improve your vision, but they can also be worn as a fashion accessory to help express your personal style and add some extra love to your fit. Wearing glasses if you need vision correction can feel more obligatory than fashionable, but they don’t have to be. Taking care of your vision health is an important part of overall wellness. Book an appointment with us today to find out if blue light lenses or other lens treatments are right for you, or even if you just want to try out some fashionable new frames!

Written by Dr. Daniel Evans

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