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Your Eyes Are Always Changing, So It’s Good to Keep On Top of Them

Monitoring Your Vision Is Always a Priority, Especially as You Age

All things change with time, and your vision is no different. There are many threats to our vision and overall eye health which typically starts occurring when we reach 50 or 60+ years of age. Since these often present without any symptoms, an annual eye exam is the only way to identify what – if any – problems your eye is experiencing.

We Aren’t In Any Rush

Eye exams need to be thorough and we take as much time as we need, without rushing. This is especially important for seniors who like to live at a more sedate pace than youngsters. That’s why we schedule about an hour per appointment, and allow ourselves plenty of time if things run over.

We will use that hour to check up with a few questions before performing a thorough assessment of your current eye health and visual acuity, i.e. the quality of your vision. If we notice any issues, we will confirm the relevant diagnosis and help provide the care you need to correct, halt or live with the problem.

We start the exam by gauging not only how well you are seeing, but also how comfortable it is. Then we assess whether or not you require corrective lenses (glasses or contacts), examine how well your eye muscles are working and perform a visual field test for your peripheral vision.

During the exam itself, one of our two experienced eye doctors will look at your eye in exceptional detail, looking for signs of any developing eye diseases or signs of ill-health. These exams are all non-invasive and tell us everything we need to know about your entire eye. All that and it only requires an hour of your time!

Protecting Your Vision From Age-Specific Threats

There are numerous eye diseases which can attack your vision as you get older. These conditions rarely exhibit early symptoms and lost vision may be irrecoverable, so it can be useful to know a little bit about them.

AMD is an eye disease which slowly degrades the quality of your central vision. Since it can happen over years, you may not pay it serious attention until your eyesight is substantially affected. In 90% of cases, small protein lumps form in your eyeball, which can obscure your vision. The other 10% of individuals can experience much worse symptoms, including total blindness due to retinal detachment.

Cataracts are one of the leading causes of vision impairment in the world. Essentially the lens of your eye becomes stiff and cloudy. This can affect your colour perception, focusing ability and generally worsen your vision. It is usually correctable through surgery.

Though this does not exclusively impact seniors, it does affect a large number of ageing diabetics. Related to blood sugar control, diabetic retinopathy can lead to blindness.

All of these diseases – and many more – can be spotted by one of our optometrists long before they show symptoms and start impacting your vision. Book your annual eye exam today and protect your vision.

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The Eye Care Team

Our practice is located in Downtown Spokane, right across the street from the new Davenport Grand Hotel and Auntie’s Bookstore. We are just a couple of blocks east of Riverfront Park Square.

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