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The Eye Care Team Are Experts In Adapting to Low Vision: Let Us Help

Don’t Let Low Vision Get You Down

The transition from high visual acuity to low vision is a tough road, as it marks a turning point in how you interact with the world. However, that turning point can become just a minor deviation with the right visual aids and technologies.

Low vision has become more manageable than ever before, and you can retain a significant amount of your independent lifestyle despite the vision impairment.

Low Vision Affects Millions of Americans

Since there’s no single cause or contributor to low vision, it is suffered by individuals all across the country, with little discrimination.

Sometimes through natural degradation, or perhaps as a result of an eye disease, our vision can become compromised in a way which cannot be corrected or cured by any medication or surgery. It does not mean blindness, just a limited visual field or reduced visual acuity which will impact your daily living.

Your vision will be compromised. Objects and faces may be blurry or indistinct, or parts of your visual field may be missing meaning you are partially sighted.

The leading causes of low vision are eye diseases which attack your eyesight. Age-related macular degeneration accounts for around 50% of cases. Since there’s no one “trigger” for diseases like AMD, the only way to help minimize vision loss is through having an annual eye exam where your optometrist can locate signs of the diseases early!

We Can Help You Manage Low Vision

Following a comprehensive eye exam wherein we will assess the extent of your low vision alongside your overall eye health, we can make specific recommendations to help you perform crucial day-to-day functions with more ease.

Vision-centric magnification often plays a large role in adapting to low vision. They help with day-to-day tasks such as reading or watching television, by providing magnification or lighting as appropriate.

Since low vision can be caused by powerful eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration or glaucoma, it is imperative that any useful measures must be taken to diagnose, treat or halt the progression of any underlying condition.

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