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Latisse Is the Only Eyelash Enhancement Which Is Clinically Proven to Work

Let Latisse Be Your Doorway to Thicker, Fuller Eyelashes

As the only eyelash enhancement product on the market which has been thoroughly vetted and clinically tested (and FDA approved), Latisse is the option for individuals looking to improve the length and thickness of their lashes.

In a world where there’s a miracle cure that “the doctors aren’t telling you about” for just about every possible ailment on the planet, Latisse is a rock of solid research and proven results.

A Daily Application With Visible Results In 16 Weeks

You’ll notice full, impressive results by the 16-week mark. Many users find an improvement in less time – after as little as 8 weeks – but that can’t be guaranteed for all. Latisse affects lashes during the growth phase; since some lashes will have finished growing when you first apply Latisse, they will remain unaffected.

The Most Common Questions About Latisse

It is an FDA-approved, prescription eyelash enhancement product. Over a period of months (up to 16 weeks), it transforms your eyelashes to make them thicker, longer and darker.

You apply Latisse to your eyelid every day. The active ingredient (bimatoprost) is the catalyst for the changes in your eyelashes by lengthening the growth phase of your lashes. It also encourages more lashes to grow during this phase.

There are potential side effects to every type of medication or beauty product on the market. Though rare, it is possible to suffer from:

  • Itchy eyes and swollen eyelids
  • Generally irritated or reddened eyes
  • Hyperpigmentation of the skin
  • Dry eye-like symptoms

If you remove your soft lenses prior to applying Latisse and wait for around 15 minutes before replacing them, you should be able to use both products in tandem without any issue. However, for use of Latisse in conjunction with any other refractive treatment (such as LASIK or other lenses), you must consult the optometrist first, to check if you are an ideal candidate.

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